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Bring your old cabinets back to life with Duco Elite! 

Our Duco paint provides an excellent water protection barrier to your cabinets. It also provides scratch, stain and heat resistance. Perfect for a busy kitchen!

Duco finish or paint is a distinctive finishing method on the final furniture making process.

This technique is to paint raw furniture and many other surfaces using the Duco spray. It is fast drying and has high solid content & has a smooth and modern finish.

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Duco Elite is an established brand who specialises in applying a quick-drying multi-colour line of nitrocellulose lacquers on all things carpentry.

Transform your house into a home with a wide range of colour options and a sleek, modern look.

Pro's of Duco

- Stylish & Unique

- Increases the value of your home

- Creates an excellent water barrier

- Protection against stains

- Easy to clean